System resources

ENMAX Power has created a collection of maps to help customers, contractors and developers identify potential project sites within the ENMAX Power service territory.


System capacity

Many factors drive the ability and cost of connecting projects to the ENMAX Power electric system such as project location, operating characteristics, surrounding grid characteristics and project timing. The following maps illustrate the location and capacity available within the ENMAX Power distribution service territory.


Load capacity map

The load capacity map illustrates the estimated load capacity available within the ENMAX Power distribution service territory.
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Hosting capacity map

The hosting capacity map illustrates where estimated capacity may be available within the ENMAX Power distribution service territory to host micro-generators and other forms of distributed generation.
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Service area map

The service area map is for electricians, contractors and developers to identify where an address lies within ENMAX Power’s distribution system.
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External maps


The City of Calgary’s water resources map

Visit the The City of Calgary’s Development Map for the location of water resources in Calgary.
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AESO’s transmission capability map

Visit the AESO’s Transmission Capability Map for information on transmission capability within Alberta.
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Safety resources

Other resources

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