Solar for your home

From wanting a better understanding of where your home’s electricity comes from to doing something positive for the environment, ENMAX Energy is here to help connect you to the power of the sun.

Home solar


Solar is one form of renewable energy that is becoming an option for more Albertans every day.

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Home solar

Is solar right for my home?

You must own a single detached or semi-attached home.

Your roof is in good repair with minimal obstructions.

You understand how your energy bill will change, including micro-generation credits.

Not a candidate for solar but want to support renewable energy? Offset your energy usage by adding Green to your ENMAX Energy plan. Learn more
Solar subsidies

Solar subsidies and incentives

Looking for ways to help offset the cost of adding solar to your home?

Solar plan

Easymax Seasonal Solar™

A premium rate for electricity exported to the grid during the sunnier months.

Solar billing

Costs, credits and your bill

Discover what to expect when you install solar on your home.

Our team is here to help

General solar system, micro-generation credit and billing questions

Current ENMAX solar lease customers

ENMAX Power micro-​generation applications

ENMAX Power meter exchanges or general

If you’re a solar installer looking to connect a system to the Calgary network please visit ENMAX Power’s Distributed Generation page.

Interested in learning more about solar power systems?