Large commercial energy plans

We’ll help you navigate Alberta’s complex energy market so that you can make choices that consider your business objectives, bottom line, and growth plans with confidence. Our expertise in powering businesses in Alberta means you get more than just electricity and natural gas – you get a knowledgebase to set you up for success.


Electricity plans

For businesses that use more than 250,000 kWh per year. If you use less than 250,000 per year, check Easymax energy plans here.


Load Following Plan

Helps protect your business from market volatility. It provides a fixed rate* within a set volume range even when your energy usage shifts.

Plan benefits and considerations

This plan is ideal if you want:

  • A comprehensive energy plan that gives you the security of a fixed electricity rate* within a set volume range and flexibility for shifting energy needs.
  • More ability to forecast energy rates and budget effectively for efficient business operations.
  • A plan that protects your bottom line from the impact of fluctuating energy rates and market volatility.
  • An energy plan that is easy to manage.

Block Plan

Simplifies the energy management process and reduces risk to market volatility.

Plan benefits and considerations

This plan is ideal if:

  • You want electricity rate* certainty and protection from rate fluctuations for your business's core energy usage but are comfortable leaving non-core usage open to spot market rates.
  • Your business can tolerate the impact of energy market volatility for the usage that is not covered by a fixed electricity rate*.
  • Your business has in-house expertise to monitor changes in your usage and the energy market – so you can respond accordingly.
  • You can customize block sizes and market exposure based on your risk tolerance and business needs.

Index Plan

Float at Alberta hourly spot prices until the time is right for your business to take advantage of other ENMAX Energy plans that are readily available to you.

Plan benefits and considerations

This plan is ideal if:

  • Your budget and operations are flexible and can withstand electricity rate fluctuations and market volatility.
  • You have someone in-house to monitor the electricity market and enable your business to capitalize on favorable market conditions.
  • Your business has corporate governance restrictions around the hedging of commodities.
  • You are undecided and need time to determine the best energy plan for your business.

Natural gas

Choose fixed or variable rate options or a customized combination of both. Our energy experts work with you to structure a natural gas plan tailored to your business needs and risk tolerance.


Block Plan

Ideal for businesses that want to cover core energy needs and have the flexibility to purchase additional energy at market prices.

This plan offers:

  • The ability to customize plans based on your energy usage patterns.
  • A fixed natural gas rate* for a set block of energy.
  • Limited exposure to energy market fluctuations and the ability to better budget core energy requirements.

Index Plan

Ideal for businesses that may have unpredictable usage patterns or that want to keep their energy options open.

This plan offers:

  • Flow-through natural gas rates* based on the AECO-C daily average index price.
  • No consumption restrictions.
  • Flexibility to move to an ENMAX Energy fixed rate* natural gas plan should market conditions change.
Leverage our industry acumen

Leverage our industry acumen

Tap into our expertise to help you manage your business’s energy procurement strategy and operations. You get a high-service solution that is like having direct access to your very own management team.

Large commercial services

All ENMAX Energy large commercial contracts provide businesses with the following services.

Enhanced Energy Services      

The Enhanced Energy Services team provides full-service electricity retailer and self-retail agency services specializing in sophisticated electricity management and billing options for:

  • Oil and gas industry (exploration and production, pipeline, midstream, oilfield service).
  • Businesses with multiple sites and consume large amounts of electricity.
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* Fixed rate or electricity rate

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