Benefits of Easymax for your business

Build an electricity and natural gas plan that fits your business and take advantage of the Easymax features.

Our fixed rate plans include 1, 3 and 5-year terms. We’ll guarantee your rate for the length of the term you choose. That stability can help you with budgeting by avoiding changes in the rate you pay each month.

If you are more comfortable with change and enjoy watching the market, choose from our floating rates.

Not sure? You can mix and match with our bundle plan. You can also switch between rates once per month^.

You're not locked-in. Easymax electricity and natural gas plans provide the freedom to cancel anytime, penalty free ±


Easymax business features

Business referral program

Earn up to $750 in bill credits when businesses you refer sign-up for Easymax. You and the business that you referred each get a $50 credit. You can refer up to 15 businesses each year.

Green your Easymax Green Add-on

Add-on contributions help purchase Renewable Energy Certificates for electricity or carbon offsets for natural gas.

  • A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a certificate that represents the environmental attributes and benefits associated with the generation of 1,000 kWh of renewable electricity. The RECs that ENMAX Energy purchases come from facilities such as wind, biomass, hydro, etc. that are EcoLogo® Program certified §.
  • A carbon offset represents the actual greenhouse gas emission reduction achieved by a facility or program such as methane capture, tree planting, recycling, carbon capture, etc. One offset is the reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), which will offset the emissions from approximately 19.78 GJs of natural gas.

ENMAX Energy’s Renewable Energy Certificate portfolio is comprised of:

Year Wind(Per cent) Biomass(Per cent) Hydro(Per cent) Origin
2022 0 100 0 Facilities that first came into operations or were repowered between 1991 and 2005
2021 0 100 0 Facilities that first came into operations or were repowered between 1991 and 2005
2020 0 100 0 Facilities that first came into operations or were repowered between 1991 and 2005

You can choose a Green Add-on for electricity or natural gas or both [1] .

Choose from three tiers that go towards contributing to the purchase of ECOLOGO certified Renewable Energy Certificates that support renewable energy initiatives or carbon Offsets.

**Green Add-on pricing/quantities may change January 1 each year. See section 3 of the Green Terms and Conditions for details. Taxes extra.

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