Outages and safety

Why outages occur


Unexpected outages

Unexpected power outages can happen for any number of reasons, some that we cannot predict.

From high winds and snowstorms to vehicle accidents and lightning strikes, power outages are often caused by circumstances beyond ENMAX Power’s control.


Planned outages

In order to ensure we maintain reliable service to our customers, upgrades and maintenance to the electrical system are required. Working around high voltage equipment is a major safety concern. ENMAX Power planned outages occur to allow crews to work safely and efficiently.

See current and planned outages

Planned outages during extreme weather

As the owner and maintainer of Calgary’s electrical infrastructure, we have a requirement to perform maintenance year-round, and to continue providing safe and reliable service to our customers.

Our commitment to customers: We make our best effort to inform customers about outages. We thank you for your understanding when circumstances are beyond our control or change quickly.

Underground cable damage (Cable Faults)

If the power is out or flickering or your large appliances stop working at your home, but your neighbours’ electricity is on, it’s possible that the problem is due to a damaged underground power cable that delivers electricity to your property. This is called a cable fault.

ENMAX Power Trouble Response crews investigate reports of damaged cables. They are trained to assess the situation and if needed will schedule our underground crews to locate the problem.

If you think you have a damaged cable

A damaged wire should be considered as dangerous as an undamaged wire. Do not attempt to locate or repair a damaged cable.

Call ENMAX Trouble at 403-514-6100