Outages and safety

How to prepare for an outage

Outage tips

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Maintain critical medical equipment

Power outages can affect critical medical equipment. Ensure that backup batteries and other systems are able to supply power for the length of an outage. Outages typically last about 8 hours on average.

Note: While ENMAX Power is unable to make special accommodation for critical equipment, we make our best effort to provide additional notification for those who have registered (approved through a medical practitioner) as a critical power user.

Medical Notification Request Form
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Ensure manual entry access

If your home has electronic access points (FOB doors, elevators, garage door openers), make sure you know how to manually access when there is no power.


Limit fridge and freezer access

Well-sealed refrigerators and freezers will keep your food safe for several hours. Limit how often you open the door to keep the temperature from rising.

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Have an alternate work or study plan

Landline phones, wi-fi routers, computers or chargers (anything without a portable battery) will not operate during an outage. If required, have an alternate plan to work or study at another location or consider portable battery chargers/ solar chargers.

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Have a backup lighting source

Consider including a lighting source in your standard emergency kit.

Regularly check that flashlights have batteries or are charged.

Additional tips for a planned outage

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Ensure your alarm/security is up to date

Notify your alarm/security company about the upcoming outage. If your system has a battery, check that it’s charged.

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Adjust your home’s heating/cooling

Adjust your heating or cooling by a few degrees several hours before the planned outage starts. This will help your home stay comfortable while the power is off.

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Consider a backup power source

Using a generator during an outage is a personal choice and responsibility. Residential and commercial customers always have an option to purchase/rent standby or portable generators at their own expense to maintain power during an outage. You must follow the safety guidelines and regulations for installing and operating your generator. ENMAX is not liable for any damages or injuries caused by improper use of generators. Please consult a qualified electrician if you need assistance with your generator.

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Keep one light turned on

Keep one light turned on before the outage, this way you’ll know when the power is turned back on.