Outages And Safety

Project safety


Thinking of doing some work in or around your property?

It's important to think about safety when undertaking any projects around your home that may bring you in contact with electrical wires.

There are important safety items to consider before you begin.


Click before you dig

Alberta One Call and Utility Safety Partners can help you locate buried power lines on your property. This is for any outdoor projects, to ensure you can work safely. Visit their website or call


Electrical line clearances

If you are going to perform work within seven (7) meters of an overhead power line, or within one (1) metre from underground power lines, call the ENMAX Power Trouble (403-514-6100) to receive advice on how to work safely. If required, we’ll come to turn off your power until you’ve completed your task.


Changes to existing wiring

Before starting any work involving a change in existing electrical wiring, you must obtain a Homeowner Electrical Permit from The City of Calgary. If you have questions, contact The City of Calgary's Planning and Building Department or by calling 403-268-5311.

Other important considerations

Utility Right-of-ways