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November 23, 2021

Electric vehicle owners in Calgary needed for smart charging pilot


Today, there are around 3,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on Calgary roads. By 2035, ENMAX Power forecasts that number could climb to 200,000. ENMAX Power is preparing for this growth by studying electric vehicle adoption, charging behaviour and the overall effect EVs have on Calgary's power grid.  As part of this research, we're looking for 250 local EV owners to participate in the second phase of our Charge Up pilot program.

"ENMAX Power is preparing for the growth of electric vehicles to ensure we can meet customer demand in the years ahead," said Jana Mosley, President, ENMAX Power. “We're committed to providing a sustainable, modern grid and the data from this pilot will help us enable electric vehicle adoption while optimizing our electricity system for customers and the environment."

Participants in the pilot will share charging activity data (including how, when and where EVs are charged) through an automated device and earn rewards for their participation. The charging data will provide ENMAX with insights to help optimize the grid and increase capacity for EVs on our existing system.

The first phase of ENMAX Power's Charge Up, launched in 2019, provided insights into when drivers charge their electric vehicles and for how long. ENMAX Power learned that most drivers charge their vehicles at 5 p.m., which also coincides with peak electricity system demand. This second phase of the Charge Up pilot will look at how to shift charging to off peak times.

"As an electric vehicle owner, I'm flexible around when I charge, and if there's a better time for the system, and that leads to a financial benefit for customers like me, that sounds like a win-win," said Blake Shaffer, EV driver and economics professor. "As an economist, we know that EVs are growing in popularity, and integrating them into the grid in a cost-effective way, is the right thing to do. Pilots like this are a good example of how we can prepare smartly."

The pilot runs until December 2022 and Calgary-based EV owners, regardless of energy retailer, can sign up at

To learn more about the program and arrange interviews with Jana Mosley and Blake Shaffer, contact Photo and video opportunities of EVs and EV chargers will also be available.

Electric vehicle fast facts:

  • Today, there are approximately 3,000 EVs on Calgary roads. 
  • Electric vehicle adoption has grown by 60 per cent each year for the past three years in Calgary
  • Forecasts indicate that by 2035, there could be up to 200,000 electric vehicles in Calgary
  • 80 per cent of charging occurs at 5 p.m. when electricity demand is at its highest