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March 1, 2022

Connecting home energy use to climate action, a new workshop for Calgarians


Calgary, Alta. – ENMAX is partnering with Green Calgary and Alberta Ecotrust to launch a new community program to help Calgarians understand their energy use and take steps towards improved energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Future (EEF) is a free community workshop which includes learning about the impacts of home energy use, water consumption and waste, and how to have a positive impact on Calgary’s environment. During the one-hour workshop, participants create a Home Action Plan outlining their next steps towards energy efficiency.

"ENMAX is pleased to partner with Green Calgary to bring this workshop to Calgarians," said Kara Kingston, Director, Community, Communications and Brand at ENMAX. "Small changes to daily energy use can help people become more energy efficient, therefore reducing both costs and the impact on the environment. It’s another way ENMAX is helping to provide better access to safe, reliable and affordable energy."

The EEF workshops are being offered at no cost to community groups and can be booked from now until the end of the year. More information is available on Green Calgary’s website or by contacting Green Calgary to book a workshop for your community.

"Creating a more efficient home can be as simple as changing a few of our daily habits or making a few small but effective upgrades." said Lex van der Raadt, Executive Director at Green Calgary. "We want to share with others that energy efficiency can be both easy and affordable."

"Whether you’re looking to save on your utilities or reduce your environmental footprint, there are many good reasons to think about your home’s energy efficiency," said Grace Wark, Green Workplace Coordinator at Green Calgary. "This is why we’ve partnered with ENMAX on a new workshop to help Calgarians understand what they’re seeing on their monthly bill and take action to become more energy efficient."