Featured ENMAX Story

Building stronger communities

Giving back is a part of the ENMAX identity and its team members live this every day, helping to build stronger communities through volunteer work, donations, sponsorships and support for vital community partners.

ENMAX team members spend the year volunteering thousands of hours and raising thousands of dollars to help build strong communities and support people with essential needs.

From preparing food bank hampers and volunteering for the Calgary Humane Society to making seniors’ homes more energy efficient, ENMAX team members support causes and organizations including the Calgary Drop-in Centre, Distress Centre, Calgary Food Bank, Calgary Humane Society and Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society.

Many of these charitable organizations help Calgary’s most vulnerable people with essential needs and ENMAX double-matches all employee donations to its energy affordability partners as part of the annual employee giving program.

To help support tomorrow’s leaders in the community and promote electricity literacy and safety, ENMAX partners with organizations to offer youth learning opportunities and energy efficiency workshops. It also offers various scholarships in leadership, trades and construction, electrical engineering and business.

ENMAX is proud to support key community partners that help people meet their basic needs, use energy safely and efficiently and build vibrant communities. ENMAX contributes millions to Alberta community organizations every year, with 35 per cent of its community investment budget dedicated to supporting customers at the various stages of the energy affordability life cycle.