Generation and wires

Transmission and Distribution Lines

For more than 100 years, ENMAX has delivered safe and reliable electricity in Calgary. Moving electricity from the point where it is generated to our customers’ homes and businesses is split into two areas: transmission and distribution.



To move our electricity from power generating facilities to local areas, ENMAX Power Corporation relies on a system of high-voltage power lines across Alberta, including our own 355 km network within the city. These transmission lines enter a substation where a transformer reduces voltage to a level that can be safely delivered to customers.


In Calgary, once the electricity is delivered to one of our 40 substations, low voltage power lines transport electricity over short distances to distribute the power to local homes and businesses. To accomplish this, ENMAX Power Corporation uses 8,629 km of distribution lines in Calgary and surrounding area.

Although it is not a regulatory requirement, ENMAX Power makes every effort to notify residents of distribution projects that may impact their communities.

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