Generation and wires

Calgary Downtown Core Network

The history of Calgary's downtown network system dates back to 1910 when underground conduit to house electrical wires were installed in the downtown area.

What is a Network System?

Network systems – known for ensuring high reliability - are designed for areas with high electricity use and high customer density. Several transformers are connected together underground so that electricity can be supplied to a customer by more than one transformer.  This is a different set-up from the distribution system in the rest of Calgary where there is typically one transformer used to supply electricity to a group of customers.

  • There are more than 982 transformers that are part of the network. These are located in vaults either beneath city streets and sidewalks, covered by grates, or inside of buildings. There are 421 vaults in Calgary.

  • Network infrastructure is made to withstand hard conditions, including water submersion. The network had the ability to operate during the June 2013 flooding in Calgary, but for safety reasons, ENMAX Power chose to cut power to customers because individual buildings sustained some serious damage to their internal electrical equipment. Power was restored to each of the buildings once it was safe to do so.

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What sets the Downtown Calgary Network System apart?

The Downtown Calgary Network System is one of the largest in North America and the largest in Western Canada, covering eight square kilometers. More than 90 per cent of the infrastructure is located underground. Infrastructure can also be located inside office buildings.