ENMAX Energy Corporation’s generation fleet is comprised of modern natural gas-fuelled units and renewable wind facilities.

Enmax Energy

Natural gas-fuelled

ENMAX Energy Corporation, through its subsidiaries, owns the natural gas generation plants Crossfield Energy Centre, Calgary Energy Centre and Cavalier Energy Centre.

Through joint ventures, ENMAX Energy co-owns the Shepard Energy Centre in southeast Calgary and the Balzac Facility in Balzac, Alberta.

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Enmax Energy

Wind power

Wind is one of the most environmentally responsible methods of producing electricity.

Alberta is a leader in Canada for wind energy production with the highest percentage of total installed wind generation capacity of any province.

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ENMAX energy

Solar power

As renewable generation continues to expand in Alberta, solar remains the largest source of total installed micro-generation capacity at over 89 MW as at the end of 2020, and ENMAX Energy is one of Alberta’s leading solar retailers with over 36 MW installed. Since 2009, our solar opportunities have been enabling customers across the province to select any number of solar modules for their home or business to meet up to 100 per cent of their annual electricity needs.

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