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ENMAX Energy has been connecting Albertans with the power of the sun for years. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

How will my utility bill change after installing solar?

Will I be paid for any extra electricity my solar power system generates?

Do I need to connect my system to the grid?

How much energy can I generate? Can I generate more than I use?

What does the solar installation process involve?

Are special permits required to install a solar power system?

Is there a warranty?

How do I maintain my solar power system?

How long do solar modules (panels) last?

What about hail and snow?

What if I need to replace my roof?

Why is solar sold in kilowatts? How is solar power measured?

What are my solar options for a new-build home?

How many solar modules (panels) will I need?

What makes a home a good solar candidate?

What is micro-generation?

How can solar help the environment?

Are there grants or incentives to help with costs?

What does it cost to install a solar power system for my home?

When will I see a return on my investment?

How will this affect my monthly bills?

Is solar right for my home?

  • You must own a single detached or semi-attached home.
  • Your roof is in good repair with minimal obstructions.
  • You understand how your energy bill will change, including micro-generation credits.
Solar subsidies

Solar grants and incentives

Looking for ways to help offset the cost of adding solar to your home?

Connect with a verified solar provider

Check the Alberta solar directory for a solar provider in your area.

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If you’re a solar installer looking to connect a system to the Calgary network please visit ENMAX Power’s Distributed Generation page.

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