City of Calgary services on your ENMAX bill

ENMAX Customer Care provides billing and support for The City of Calgary.   

No matter which company provides your electricity or natural gas; you will receive a bill from ENMAX for the following City of Calgary services:  

  • Wastewater collection and treatment: based on usage 
  • Water treatment and supply: based on usage  
  • Stormwater management: based on set monthly fee 
  • Waste and recycling: based on set monthly fee 

Your water usage is determined by your water meter which is read by The City of Calgary. Readings are sent to our Customer Care team and included on your bill. 

Question about your municipal services 

Small variations in your water use are normal from month to month, but if the difference is abnormally high the first step is to use The City’s High Water Consumption checklist.

If you discover an issue such as a leak, call our team at 310-2010 and we’ll help you through the next steps. You can reach our municipal support team on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

For waste and recycling questions, including pick up schedules or cart replacements, your best first step is to call The City of Calgary at 311 or 311 online.  


For more information about municipal services, visit The City of Calgary website.