Be scam aware

Tips and resources to help identify and avoid scams associated with your ENMAX account.

Similar to your credit card or bank account, the importance of your energy services in your life can make you vulnerable when scammers call. Threats of disconnection can lead many people to rush and try to fix a situation that simply doesn’t exist. Below are a few basic tips to help you avoid scams.

  1. Power cannot be cut off without fair warning and a process.
  2. ENMAX does not take credit card payments over the phone – this includes pre-paid credit cards. Other loan type payment options such as MoneyMart are also not accepted.
  3. Do not give out any personal information including account numbers or addresses. A real ENMAX agent will have this information.
  4. Aside from meter readers, and at times our crews, ENMAX does not knock on your door, and we do not sell any services door to door.
  5. If you’re concerned about the status of your ENMAX account call 310-2010 or sign in to your online account.


Current scams to be aware of:

Refund Scam

Beware of a text scam claiming that you have been overcharged and inviting you to click a link to claim the overcharged amount. Do not click on the link. ENMAX does not provide refunds over text.

If unsure of the status of your account, call our Customer Care Centre at 310-2010.

Online bill credit and rebate ad

A series of social media ads are offering bill credits or energy rebates following a home assessment for ENMAX customers. These ads are posted by CLEANENERGYPROGRAM.CA, PROVINCIALREBATES.CA or SMARTREBATES.CA, who claims to be associated with ENMAX.

ENMAX is NOT affiliated nor does it have any relationship with CLEANENERGYPROGRAM.CA, PROVINCIALREBATES.CA or SMARTREBATES.CA.

We are advising customers not to click on the ad or communicate with this company. If you’ve been in contact with them or have concerns, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Disconnection scams

ENMAX is warning of a phone and text scam where a fraudster claims to be from ENMAX and threatens power disconnection if payment is not received. This is not from ENMAX.

ENMAX does not request cash payments at a kiosk, credit card details over the phone or text, or accept payment by bitcoin. Additionally, we do not disconnect power without fair warning and process.

If you receive a suspicious phone call or text, do not give out any personal details. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a call or text, or would like to check your account balance, please call our Customer Care Centre at 310-2010 or by signing in to your online account.