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January 25, 2022

ENMAX solar panel installation in Calmar generating energy and excitement


Calgary, Alta. – ENMAX Energy has completed a solar installation on the roof of the Mike Karbonik arena in the Town of Calmar, aiming to reduce the town’s greenhouse gas emissions and save tens of thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.

The arena, which is used by Calmar residents and those in the surrounding communities, will use the power generated by the panels in the winter when there is the greatest need to power the rink and export energy to the grid in the summer when there is a surplus.

"​Alberta has one of the best solar resources in the world and ENMAX Energy is proud to have already helped over 40 Alberta municipalities like Calmar invest in a cleaner energy future," said Bruce Borwick, ENMAX Energy’s Vice President Trading, Origination and Commercial Sales. "Calmar’s solar installation means the town has greater control over its energy while reducing carbon emissions today and into the future."

The 11,000-square-foot installation is expected to generate 165 megawatt-hours per year​—enough to cover almost 100 per cent of the arena’s electricity requirements.

"This solar panel installation is a first for Calmar and sets us up with a sustainable source of energy which will pay for itself every year while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions," said Mayor Sean Carnahan. "Thanks to ENMAX Energy, the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and the Alberta Municipal Solar ​​Program for making this possible."