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ENMAX Telecom Choice


ENMAX Telecom Choice

The ENMAX Telecom Choice Program (the “Program”) is to be used when an Approved Third Party telecommunication company (the “Telecom Company”) wants to utilize ENMAX Infrastructure for Telecom Facilities. 

If you are a Telecom Company who has already been approved by ENMAX, the Program outlines the processes to complete the 3 scopes of work ENMAX or the pre-qualified contractor may need to complete to accommodate the Telecom Facilities. 

Telecom Project

Project Initiation

  • The telecom company must submit an Attachment and Installation Request to one or more of the approved design build contractors from an ENMAX approved list. View approved contact list.

  • The contractor(s) will then review the Approved Third Party design (with input from ENMAX) and provide a preliminary cost estimate to the Telecom Company for work required to prepare the ENMAX Infrastructure to accommodate the proposed Telecom Facilities. 

  • The Telecom Company, upon receipt of the preliminary cost estimate, will choose a Contractor to execute the work (the “Project”) under the Program. 

Project scopes

Once a pre-qualified contractor has been selected by the Telecom Company a request will be submitted to the ENMAX Telecom Choice Program to complete one of the following scopes.​ 

Overhead Pole Line Analysis ("PLA" or "Attachment Requests")

Network and High-Density Conduit Works ("Installation Requests") 

Power Supply

Project Delivery

  • The Contractor will perform the review, design, and construction in relation to the scope of work.

  • The Contractor will provide Preliminary and Final Estimates directly to the Telecom Company, as well as invoice the Telecom Company for all work completed (inclusive of all ENMAX costs in relation to an Attachment and Installation Request).

  • ENMAX will maintain the care and control of ENMAX infrastructure in the form of but not limited to, Engineering Review, Issuing of Permits, Construction Review, QA/QC Review, Inspection, Hot Work, work within the Limits of Approach, and Energization. 

Want to become an approved Telecom company?

A company who wants to utilize ENMAX Facilities for Telecom Facilities must enter into a Telecom Facilities Licence Agreement with ENMAX. Connect with the Telecom team now!

Read the ENMAX Telecom Program document.