Regulated Rate Option


A note about recent higher RRO pricing

The past two years have seen increased volatility in RRO pricing due to market conditions. The Government of Alberta introduced a temporary rate ceiling to help RRO customers manage electricity rate volatility, which is now being paid back by RRO customers. Learn more about Alberta’s rate ceiling repayment plan.


Regulated Rate Option

The Regulated Rate Option (RRO) is an option for residential and small business customers who consume less than 250,000 kWh/year. If you have not entered into a contract with an electricity retailer, you are on the RRO.

Current Regulated Rate*


Rate ceiling repayment in effect for RRO customers.

Current Market Rate**



*Advertised rate does not include an administration fee, regulated charges depending on usage and service area, or taxes.

**Fluctuates monthly based on weather and market conditions.

Do you live in Red Deer, Cardston, or Ponoka? The RRO rates in Red Deer, Cardston and Ponoka are set by the applicable municipal government and the RRO service is provided by ENMAX Energy Corporation. If you live in one of these municipalities, please contact us to set up the RRO: 310-2010 or 1-877-571-7111 (Outside Alberta).


About the Calgary RRO rate

The RRO rate fluctuates each month based on market prices for electricity in Alberta, which depends on the forecast supply and demand across the province. This means the RRO rate can rise or fall depending on market conditions and therefore, RRO bills can vary even when consumption remains similar. Each month the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) reviews and acknowledges the rates charged for RRO service in Calgary which have been determined in accordance with ENMAX Energy’s approved energy price setting plan.

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Is your business on RRO?

If you haven’t made the choice to sign up with one of the more than 30 retail electricity providers in Alberta, your electricity is likely being provided by the RRO provider in your area.