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Welcome to the ENMAX Group of Companies

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with operations across Alberta and Maine, ENMAX is a leading provider of electricity services, products and solutions. We power the potential of people, businesses and communities by safely and responsibly providing electricity and energy services in a way that matters to them now and in the future. Between our three business units, we operate across the energy value chain — as a regulated wires company, a competitive power generator and an energy retailer.

Power Supply | Retail Services

ENMAX Energy

Generation Wholesale / Mass Market & Commercial

ENMAX Energy is our Alberta-based competitive generation and retail business, providing electricity, natural gas and customer care services to approximately 747,000 customers throughout the province. Our Customer Care Centre located in Calgary serves our customers and works on behalf of The City of Calgary under a service contract to bill for The City’s residential water, sanitary and storm sewer, solid waste disposal and recycling services.

Our ENMAX Energy business maintains a 1,522 MW generation portfolio, made up of 86 per cent natural gas and 14 per cent wind.

Transmission and distribution


Regulated Business

ENMAX Power is our regulated Alberta-based wires business through which we own, operate and maintain the transmission and distribution system in and around Calgary. This system serves approximately 570,000 customers across 1,089 square kilometres. We are investing now and into the future over $300 million annually in system growth and maintenance to ensure we can reliably meet our customers' energy needs. Our ENMAX Power business is subject to the oversight of the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Transmission and distribution

Versant Power

Regulated Business

Versant Power is our electric transmission and distribution utility which owns, operates and maintains an electrical system in northern and eastern Maine. It is fully regulated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

As the second-largest utility in the state, our Versant Power business provides electricity and customer care services to approximately 165,000 residential, commercial and industrial Maine customers over 10,400 square miles.

Versant Power invests approximately $130 million USD annually in the transmission and distribution systems to provide reliable electric service to customers.