Alberta Utilities Commission Regulatory Filings

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) regulates Alberta’s utilities, including ENMAX Power Corporation, to ensure that customers receive safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates. The focus of ENMAX Power’s interactions with the AUC relates to matters involving our system, rates, revenue and facilities.

In Proceeding 27581, the AUC approved ENMAX Power’s application for its transmission revenue requirement for 2023-2025.

In Proceeding 27388, the AUC established parameters for ENMAX Power’s distribution revenue for 2024-2028.

For more information the AUC’s proceedings, please visit the AUC’s website at https://www.auc.ab.ca/.

Aggregate Load Data

The notices and supporting information below is/are provided by ENMAX Power as part of our responsibility as a wires service provider. Posted Notices may occur in accordance with one, or more, of the following: the Code of Conduct Regulation, the ENMAX Power Corporation Inter-Affiliate Code of Conduct, or the associated Compliance Plans.