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December 8, 2021

Two ENMAX net-zero initiatives recognized by the Canadian Electricity Association


Calgary, Alta. – The introduction of Canada’s first hybrid electric gas turbine and plans to electrify ENMAX’s mobile fleet have earned ENMAX a place in the Canadian Electricity Association’s Centre of Excellence.

This is the fourth year in a row ENMAX has been included in the Centre of Excellence which recognizes some of the most innovative industry projects in the country.

"We are thrilled to have our commitment to innovating towards a lower carbon future recognized by the Canadian Electricity Association," said Jennifer Saldana, ENMAX’s Director, ESG Performance and Reporting." ENMAX has been working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and it continues to be our focus as we strive to achieve net zero by 2050."

ENMAX’s inclusion in the Centre of Excellence recognizes two milestones toward that goal.

With the introduction of Canada's first hybrid electric gas turbine at Crossfield Energy Centre this year, ENMAX continues to take a leadership role in building Alberta's lower carbon future. As a result of the hybrid system, the natural gas turbine is expected to run up to 80 per cent less and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 45,000 tonnes – the equivalent of taking 10,000 cars off the road.

ENMAX is also advancing a cleaner energy future with a goal to electrify 100 per cent of its mobile fleet by 2030. ENMAX is taking the first step toward this goal by piloting two fully electric medium duty vehicles, partially funded by Emissions Reduction Alberta, which could save around 4,300 litres of diesel per vehicle a year.

"Thank you to the Canadian Electricity Association for recognizing our commitment to a lower carbon future," Saldana said.