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May 24, 2024

ENMAX announces executive leadership changes


Calgary, AB – ENMAX Corporation (ENMAX) today announced changes in its executive leadership team. ENMAX leadership remains committed to delivering on its strategic direction and remains dedicated to safety, reliability and its customers.

The changes include:

  • Current Executive Vice President of ENMAX Energy, Greg Retzer has been named as the new Executive Vice President of ENMAX Power. Greg previously led the ENMAX Energy team and was accountable for ENMAX's competitive energy businesses including electricity generation, retail and customer operations, wholesale commodity trading and commercial programs.
  • Current Chief Legal, Commercial and Regulatory Officer Erica Young is transitioning to the role of Executive Vice President of ENMAX Energy. After leading the legal, regulatory, compliance, government relations, public policy, shareholder relations, ESG and Indigenous relations, and corporate secretarial teams, and previously the corporate development and strategy team, Erica is taking over leading ENMAX’s competitive energy business.
  • Current Vice President of Customer Relations and System Development with ENMAX Power, Sarah Stevens is stepping in as Senior Vice President of Legal and Regulatory, handling areas of Erica’s previous portfolio. In her new capacity, Sarah will lead legal, regulatory, compliance and the corporate secretary functions. She brings an extensive legal background to her new role, having previously led as Director, Legal Services during her seven years in the ENMAX legal team.
  • Read more about Greg, Erica and Sarah.

Outgoing President of ENMAX Power, Jana Mosley, has decided to step down after nine years with the organization to pursue a new role of President and Chief Executive Officer with Toronto Hydro.

“The impact Jana has made to our organization is undeniable and we will miss her,” said ENMAX President and CEO, Mark Poweska. “I’d also like to congratulate Greg, Erica and Sarah on their new appointments. Together with the rest of our leadership team, we’ll continue to deliver on our strategy and help light the way to a brighter energy future for our customers.”