Renovations, building and working around electricity at home

Tips and resources to stay safe when working around your yard

From fences and decks to gardens, many summer projects involve digging. It is important to know where any underground electrical, natural gas or telecom lines are before you start your big plans.

Contact to avoid contact

Before you break ground, contact Alberta One Call (1-800-242-3347) and schedule a time for their team to come out and locate buried lines on your property. In fact, having them locate lines before you finalize plans or materials can help avoid redesigns and reorders.

Renovations, construction, or demolitions

If your project requires disconnecting electrical services, the best first step is to hire a certified electrician. They can assess your needs and will have the necessary experience to know who to contact and what permits are required. You can see more details on our Electricity Services page.

Electrical equipment on your property

Unfortunately getting the electricity to you and your neighbours sometimes means that equipment such as transformers (green utility boxes) are placed on or near your property. And because they carry a high voltage, it’s important to maintain a safe distance away and you do not dig anywhere near electrical equipment.

You can learn more on our Electrical Clearances page.

Additionally, for your own safety as well as the safety of or crews, please do not paint or decorate our equipment.