Moving your energy

How to make sure your new address has the energy you need to feel at home.

Papers are signed, boxes are collected, and friends have been voluntold to help – but what about the energy for your new home?

We can make moving simple

Ideally, you should reach out to your utility companies, including ENMAX, at least one month before your possession date. There is no charge for setting up your energy at your new address, and you can contact our team at 310-2010. Or if you’re a current customer, you can use the moving page on your online account.

Here’s the information we need to help you move:

  • Move in and move out date
  • Your new address
  • A phone number that we can contact you at (before, during, and after the move if possible)

Setting up new energy for a new home

If you’re a new customer, you simply need to enter your moving details when you’re signing up for an Easymax plan or the Regulated Rate Option. You can review your options on our Electricity and Natural Gas page.