Moving to Alberta

Here’s how signing up for your new home’s energy is a little different here.

First off, welcome to Alberta; we think you’re going to like your new home. Of all the new experiences, setting up energy for your home might be one you didn’t expect.

In Alberta you have a choice

Alberta changed to how energy is delivered to homes in 1998. This meant that unlike other areas of the country where you just set up your electricity with the city, province, or municipality where you live, Alberta homeowners could choose a provider that offered them the options, rates, and benefits that worked for them.

40+ retailers. Hundreds of products.

It can be overwhelming, but essentially anywhere you live in Alberta, you will have the choice between the default electricity provider and several retail electricity plans. The Utility Consumer Advocate, an organization that helps home and business owners understand Alberta’s utility market, is a great resource to see what companies have to offer.

Which electricity works best for you?

Electricity use is charged based on the Regulated Rate Option (RRO), or by a competitive retail plan offered by an Alberta electricity retailer of your choice.

The RRO:
Customers who do not choose a competitive retail plan receive their electricity through the RRO – sometimes referred to as the floating electricity rate or the default electricity rate. The RRO is set each month by the Alberta Utilities Commission. It can increase or decrease based on market conditions such as demand.

Competitive electricity plans:
Competitive retail electricity providers such as ENMAX Energy offer consumers competitive plans that feature the choice of fixed or floating rates and flexible terms. Retailers purchase electricity and then sell it to consumers. ENMAX Energy offers plans here in Calgary as well as to markets throughout Alberta.

Deregulated doesn’t mean unregulated

It would be easy to think that deregulating electricity might be risky. However, Alberta’s market is overseen by government appointed bodies such as the Alberta Utilities Commission and the Utility Consumers Advocate. It’s also the reason why you'll see the Fair Competition Statement on ads and communications – so that consumers can feel confident that their interests are heard.