Installing an EV charger at your home

Finding the right charger is a combination of your specific needs, your home’s electrical system, and how much power your neighbourhood’s network can deliver.

Choose your charger

While level one chargers can use a standard 120-volt outlet, they take a long time (up to 20 hours) to fully charge an EV. When charging speed and convenience are desired, EV owners look to:

Level 2 chargers - up to 14 hours to fully charge.

Level 3 chargers - up to 1 hour to fully charge.

Start with a pro

A certified electrician should complete a load calculation to determine which charger your home can handle and outline any upgrades and provide an estimate.

If you live in a condo or apartment

Contact your landlord or condominium board before purchasing or installing a charger. They will typically need to approve any installations or may be considering adding chargers.


Other considerations

Depending on where it’s installed, a level 2 charger may require having an electrician upgrade to a 240-volt outlet (like a clothes dryer) and/or increase the capacity of your electrical panel.

Level 3 chargers present even more challenges. In addition to upgrades to your wiring and electrical panel, depending on the age of the network in your neighbourhood, you may need to upgrade the power lines that bring electricity to your home. This can be very expensive – and if the power lines are buried, the cost to install a charger can easily exceed what you paid for your EV.


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