Five easy ways to be more efficient this summer

We've collected easy, low-cost ways to get the most out of your electricity.


Tip 1

Turning up the heat to stay cool.

During a heat wave, set your thermostat to 25°C or higher. You’ll save 5 per cent on your cooling costs for every degree you increase the temperature setting when your air conditioning kicks in.


Tip 2

Keep cool on the inside.

At one time people thought that closing every window in their home during summer would help keep things cooler. That’s mostly true, but windows that open into shady areas may be cooler and can provide a refreshing breeze.


Tip 3

Ensure the air can flow.

If you are using fans to keep cool, position them near a window that opens to a shady area, and use it to draw the cooler air in. You can also aim your fan at an open window and use the airflow to push warmer air out of your house.


Tip 4

Grill and chill.

Grilling outdoors can help avoid heating up your house and making your AC or fans work harder during summer.


Tip 5

Air it out.

Hanging your laundry on a drying rack or clothesline is a great way to save electricity. Plus, there’s nothing quite like that scent of clothes dried in the fresh summer air.